Our Mission

The Northwest Institute of Research (NWIR) functions as a nonprofit research and technical assistance organization with a distinctive mission:


To foster collaboration with both public and private human service organizations and their stakeholders, our primary objective is to jointly develop and operate programs characterized by high quality, accountability, and a results-driven approach, ensuring effective positive change and community service.


NWIR's commitment to being a research and technical assistance entity implies that it not only engages in active research but also provides practical support and guidance to its partner organizations. By forming alliances with public and private entities in the human service sector, NWIR aims to bring about positive change and enhance the effectiveness of programs designed to serve the community.


The emphasis on building and operating high-quality programs signifies NWIR's dedication to excellence in program design and implementation. This involves leveraging evidence-based practices, staying informed about the latest research findings, and applying proven methodologies to ensure that the programs developed are not only well-conceived but also capable of delivering meaningful and positive outcomes.

The term "accountable" highlights NWIR's commitment to transparency and responsibility in its partnerships. This involves establishing clear metrics and evaluation mechanisms to assess the impact and effectiveness of the programs. By holding itself and its partners accountable, NWIR seeks to ensure that the resources invested in these initiatives yield tangible benefits and align with the intended goals.

The phrase "results-driven" underscores NWIR's focus on achieving measurable and impactful outcomes. Whether through data-driven evaluations or continuous improvement strategies, NWIR aims to foster a culture of effectiveness and efficiency in the programs it helps to build and operate. This results-oriented approach ensures that the efforts invested in these initiatives translate into positive changes and improvements in the lives of the individuals and communities served.

In summary, the Northwest Institute of Research, as a nonprofit research and technical assistance organization, plays a pivotal role in collaborating with human service organizations and stakeholders to create and sustain programs characterized by excellence, accountability, and a commitment to delivering tangible results for the benefit of the communities they serve.